Hello, my name is Frank, and this is my blog.

In recent years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a close group of friends to play tabletop games with, primarily online using virtual tabletops, and primarily Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, but certainly not limited to that.

I love D&D, but I also obsessively consume new rules systems and I have a definite taste for the novel and experimental. I’m fascinated by all the different places we can take the experiences we have in games and how slight manipulations of rules or how they’re presented can have a cascading impact on the ways players engage with games.

As the most-frequent GM of my gaming group, our weekly game sessions have been an outstanding creative outlet for me. I have (and have always had) a keen interest in game design and digital media – and virtual tabletops are not only somewhere where these interests converge, but somewhere that I can reasonably produce regular content without having to quit my day job and start a doomed indie studio, or something.

I sometimes create tabletop RPG content, with the assistance of others, under the guise of River Octopus Games (on Roll20 and DriveThruRPG) or @OctopusRPG.

This blog has some overlap with that but, is decidedly, not that. This blog also contains work-in-progress updates, smaller tools and projects, personal musings on games, opinions and reflections.

It’s name references an old Dungeon Magazine adventure, The Crypt of Istaris, of which I am particularly fond.

Thanks for joining me. More soon.