Fresh Ruins

Hey everybody, the time is now!

River Octopus Games (primarily: myself) have released their first product: Fresh Ruins, A first-level 5e D&D one-shot adventure. The PCs must investigate a lizardfolk settlement that has just suffered a mysterious attack, explore the perilous fort and retrieve the items you were hired to find – before you are overrun.

Fresh Ruins on Roll20 Marketplace –

It was fun in playtesting, it’s balanced, it should be approachable to new players and new DMs, it’s got a lot of custom art and monsters and 12 premade player characters – I’m proud of it. It was an undertaking. I learned a lot doing it, and I’ve definitely had a fire lit under me to take that knowledge and apply it to something new, something even better.

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More soon.

River Octopus Games

Remember when I said I was working on something? Months ago?

Well, those weren’t delusional ramblings. I’ve been approved as a Roll20 Marketplace vendor and I should be releasing an adventure module at the $5 price point… shortly. I still don’t know when exactly, this whole process has taken much longer than I foresaw. It’s definitely been a rewarding and enlightening experience though.

There’s nothing there now, but prepare to see some cool stuff on River Octopus Games on Roll20.