What dis

Hey, my name is Frank.

I just finished DMing a D&D 5e campaign on roll20 last night.

It lasted approximately 80 sessions, 3 years (hiatuses included), each session taking around 3.5-4 hours. We started with 5 level 1 characters hunting an escaped criminal across a tundra. We ended with 6 level 18 PCs kicking down an Archdevil’s door.

I might pick it up one last time to take it to Level 20 one day. There are still things sleeping in The Ice.

I’ve run and played a few other systems, including 3e, Call of Cthulhu, Base Raiders… but this campaign was my thing for many years of my life. I have a bunch of resources I created, a bunch of thoughts, and probably some advice, and I’ll be posting all that here.

I’m sure some of it will be useful to someone.

I’m also just a creatively-minded individual and I like running RPGs – I’ll continue to run games and build words and create resources, I just need a little break to collect my thoughts.