5 Adventures in 10 Pages

Hey dudes, my second product is up on DriveThruRPG:

5 Adventures in 10 Pages: Local Heroics

It’s 5 easy-to-prep adventures for levels 1-5 , each including maps and a one-page writeup. It is precisely two dollars, and there’s a lot of content to run or simply to mine for ideas. Also, if you want to support me and see what I’ve been working on this is a great way to do so.

  • Lady Bouchard’s Hedgerow (Level 1): Noble estate seeking experienced gardeners/adventurers.
  • The Boiling Well (Level  2): The village well has been belching sulphureous gas for days.
  • Waypoint Abbey (Level  3): I’m starting to think this abbot is a real jerk.
  • Jueyuan Canopy Village (Level 4): A new type of demon is engaged in a classic kidnapping.
  • Icespring Precipice (Level 5): We’re rich! Too bad the treasure’s at the bottom of the lake.

If $2 is too pricy or too spicy, you can also Follow @OctopusRPG on Twitter, where I am posting most of these as I complete them! Check the pinned tweet and check a few out.

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