What’s up?

Fresh Ruins

Fresh Ruins is, of course, On Roll20 for Five Bucks.

I’m in the process of getting a .zip version for Fresh Ruins approved on DriveThruRPG – this will be a “Pay What You Want” offering. If Roll20 had offered a Pay What You Want option, I would have been tempted to do the same there, but the Roll20 version really is ready-to-play and I think has $5 of value packed into it with the prepped maps and premade characters, etc. So if you’re just curious and don’t have money to throw around, wait for the DriveThruRPG version.

More Dungeons – many more

I’ve spent this period of downtime creating brushes and patterns in photoshop, sketching maps, and trying to iterate on the graphical style of Fresh Ruins for something a little cleaner and consistent. I’m sticking to a very specific palette, adding more detail and less clutter, and overall I’m into it.

Map Skeleton Concept – In progress
A regular Poisonous Snake, bane of Level 1 adventurers

I’ve been looking forward and laying some design framework down for a series of new dungeons. Prompted by a recent interesting twitter thread, I’ve been considering the contrast between the wild, gonzo encounters of 70s/80s dungeon crawls and the logical (often boring) consistency we expect in modern dungeon design. I want to try some adventures that fall variously on that scale – how much of a funhouse dungeon can you make without a mad wizard making it? Can you have a satisfying, narratively driven adventure that is simultaneously packed with gonzo encounters?

Probably not, I’ll probably just make some fun dungeons. But that’s what’s on my mind going in.

Some will be free, but there is a premium product in here as well, at some point.

More Micro-Content – much more

Working on a big adventure and going through the growing pains of making something I do for fun into a product was remarkably more stressful for me than it probably sounds. Throughout the process I let my schedule here… deteriorate.

I am going to post here more, focusing on things like single monsters, magic items, or subclasses – as long as I feel like it’s quality.

I’ll also be posting progress updates on River Octopus content regularly, no point keeping it close to the chest.

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